Basic Education Funding Commission


  • Majority Report
  • The Commission adopted Report #2 with 8 YES votes and 7 NO votes, making it the Majority Report.
  • 8 Voted YES: Delgado, Fitterer, Hughes, Isaacson, Krug, Miller, Schweyer, Sturla
  • 7 Voted NO: Argall, Ortitay, Phillips-Hill, Rothman, Topper, Warner, Williams
  • Minority Report
  • The Commission did not adopt Report #1 with 6 YES votes, 6 NO votes and 3 Abstentions, making it the Minority Report.
  • 6 Voted YES: Argall, Ortitay, Phillips-Hill, Rothman, Topper, Warner
  • 6 Voted NO: Hughes, Isaacson, Miller, Schweyer, Sturla, Williams
  • 3 Abstained: Delgado, Fitterer, Krug


Thank you for your interest in the 2023 Basic Education Funding Commission (BEFC).

Per Section 123(k) of the Public School Code, the 2023 BEFC was charged with reviewing the distribution of state funding for basic education to Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts and providing a report of its findings to the General Assembly.

In 2016, the General Assembly enacted the basic education funding formula recommended by the original BEFC. That formula uses various student-based weights and district-level factors to determine each school district’s fair share of funds that the General Assembly distributes through the formula. The original BEFC’s formula has been in effect for eight fiscal years with only minor adjustments.

The BEFC is a 15-member group consisting of three members from each legislative caucus and three members of the administration.
The 2023 BEFC membership (in alphabetical order) are:

House Democrats
House Republicans
Senate Democrats
Senate Republicans
Shapiro Administration
  • Marcus Delgado
    (Deputy Secretary, PDE’s Office of Administration; designee of PDE Secretary)
  • Angela Fitterer
    (PDE Executive Deputy Secretary; designee of PDE Deputy Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education)
  • Natalie Krug
    (Director of the Bureau of Budget Analysis, Governor’s Budget Office)

Any new recommendations of the 2023 BEFC will not go into effect without legislation approved by the General Assembly and signed by the governor.

Rep. Mike Sturla & Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill
Co-Chairs of the Basic Education Funding Commission